30.06.2017 : Available now

CPAutomation has developed a semi-automatic welding machine for rotating parts which can apply weld beads of less than 300 microns. Its application flexibility means it can be used to weld parts of widely varying shapes and sizes. Tool changes are easy and take just a few seconds. To guarantee maximum productivity, the operator loads the machine in concurrent operation time. Mechanical and electronic poka-yoke systems have been implemented to ensure optimal quality and machine availability. Traceability is ensured by an ergonomic bar code reader built into the machine. For more information, please contact CPAutomation.

21.06.2017 : Bilan Magazine

Article de Fabrice Delaye

Sommes-nous passés si vite de la troisième à la quatrième révolution industrielle? La transformation de leurs machines par les fabricants suisses suggère que oui. Avec des conséquences énormes.

09.06.2017 : MSM : Le Mensuel de l'Industrie, n° 5

Article de Marcel Dubey

Dans un environnement de production industriel globalisé, compétitif et automatisé, les besoinsdes entreprises manufacturières sont en pleinemutation. Les équipements de production se doivent d’être plus flexibles, modulaires et interconnectés. (...)
01.06.2017 : QZ - Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit

Ein ausgeklügeltes optisches Messsystem ist das Herzstück einer Ani age zur thermischen Beschichtung von Zylinder­laufflachen in der Serienfertigung. Das lnline-Prüfsystem erfasst Oberflachenfehler, Schichtdicke, Porositat, Rauheit sowie Oxidgehalt der Schicht. Anhand der Messwerte lassen sich die Beschichtungsparameter im laufenden Prozess automatisch opti mieren.

Wolfgang Ullrich

21.04.2017 : Magazine : Le Mensuel de l'Industrie, numéro 4

Article de Jean-René Gonthier

CPAutomation bien connu pour son savoir-faire en matière de machines spéciales est désormais à un tournant. Cette dynamique entreprise fribourgeoise a créé une innovation de rupture. En effet désormais, en complément de ses machines spéciales, elle proposera aussi des machines standards. (...)

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16.11.2016 : New application

Application note

Solution - custom system
Multi-components palletizing system

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26.07.2016 : eCM Journal

Author : Marcel Dubey, Sales & Marketing Director

"The Swiss medical industry develops and produces complex medical devices in Switzerland. In order to stay competitive (especially in a high labor cost country like Switzerland), production needs to be continuously optimized. Thanks to cutting edge technologies and high level of innovation, the Swiss machine builder industry can contribute to their success in Switzerland. Medtronic and CPAutomation SA collaborate successfully since many years to optimize the production of high value added complex medical devices in Switzerland. Thanks to this collaboration, Medtronic produces thousands of high quality and cost effective medical devices in their Tolochenaz plant.
CPAutomation SA supplies turnkey systems based on standard configurations and platforms. Its customers have the benefit of a large range of competencies in the fields of micro assembly, micromanipulation, laser machining and intelligent aesthetic inspection."

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15.06.2016 : Swiss-french Industry Magazine : MSM - Le Mensuel de l'Industrie

Interview with Marcel Dubey, Director of Sales and Marketing at CPAutomation SA on Swiss-french Industry Magazine : MSM

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10.06.2016 : Automatic defects detection from 2µm !

CPAutomation will present it’s new products & technologies during the 2016 EPHJ
June 14 to 17 - stand B47.

We will introduce our World Premiere New Technology : Ease esthetical defects detection from a level of 2 microns !
We will show our V1500 engine - MC2 and our automatic inspection unit CP-View S, equipped with a technology based on artificial intelligence algorithms, providing the ability to detect defects from 2 microns.

New options available on our TLase Machine
Our welding machine and laser micro-welding TLase embellished with new options can meet a wide variety of micro-welding applications.
Come to attend our "live" demo of micro-welding of clockwork components !

High accuracy micro-assembly and micromanipulation
From clock case middles to lifting, from a dial to an applique, from a pacemaker to a microchip, CPAutomation offers its expertise in the micron for the benefit of industries requiring high competencies in micromechanics.

CPAutomation will be present at the Round Table: Photonics 4 Precision Manufacturing, June 16 from 11:00 to 12:30
Marcel Dubey, Sales & Marketing Director of CPAutomation SA, will explain how to measure new challenges from industrial integration of laser applications in your production unit. > Full program

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07.06.2016 : New application

TLase :There are a number of additional options available which allow TLase to address a wide range of micro-welding applications. To discover hereunder.



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31.05.2016 : Swiss-french Industry Magazine : MSM - Le Mensuel de l'Industrie

Interview of High accuracy micro-assembly and micromanipulation from CPAutomation with Marcel Dubey, Director of Sales and Marketing at CPAutomation SA on Swiss-french Industry Magazine : MSM

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12.02.2016 : New application

Application note

Solution - custom machine
Laser engraving on finished components machine

Video : Play the video.

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05.02.2016 : New application

Welding time from 10 to 200 ms
Repositioning using dynamic industrial vision allows workpiece holder tolerances to be forgiving.
Continuous, smooth, aesthetically accepted and 5x stronger weld
Welding machine : TLase
Speed : < 2 s
Positioning accuracy : +/-  1 μm

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04.02.2016 : New application

10x greater strength
No damage to the face or the indicator
Process time 3-5 seconds per indicator
Welding machine : TLase
Speed : < 2 s
Positioning accuracy : +/-  1 μm

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20.01.2016 : New application

Positioning accuracy +/- 1 μm

Repositioning using dynamic intelligent vision for precise weld location.

Smooth laser welded seam compared to a spot weld which would form excess material

High quality welds of the balance spring on collet.

Oscillation of the spring according to stringent Swiss watch-making standards

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11.12.2015 : New product

V30 Starter KIT - inspection module for demonstrations / feasibility studies / integration

Our units mean you can quickly set up industrial applications based on ViDi Suite software. The systems are comprised of the software and hardware necessary to monitor both simple and complex industrial and laboratory processes.



  • V30 is designed to operate all ViDi-Suite tools (industral images analysis software).
  • V30 and the CPAutomation-developed HMI software are designed to be integrated into your existing production equipment.
  • Self-learning system


20.07.2015 : Micromachining at LASER World of Photonics

CPAutomation and its sister companies ViDi Systems and BS-Optics partnered to exhibit an automated laser welding system with built-in quality inspection.

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In order to expand our technology base to provide improved performance and address future customers’ needs, CPAutomation decide to enter in a partnership with BS-Optics, high-end micro-welding laser provider.


14.02.2014 : Preferred System Integrator

The existing collaboration with the sister company ViDi is strengthened; CPAutomation joins preferred system integrator program for swiss market.
Find out more about our automated aesthetic inspection platform.