CPAutomation SA

Founded in 1999 and a member of the CPA Group, we act as reference solutions provider for the most demanding applications in the photovoltaic, semiconductor, medical and watch industries. We provides our customers with turn-key systems and solutions based on our standard platforms and programs.

Our customers benefit from our extensive expertise and our unique know-how in micro-assembly and micro-dispensing, laser processing, test and automated aesthetic inspection, small components handling and sorting, and in robotics integration and industrial automation.


1999 - Foundation of CPAutomation, activitiy in Industrial Automation

1999 - Market Entry in Watch Industry

2000 - Market Entry in Photovoltaic Industry

2001 - New activity: Machinery series manufacturing

2005 - New activity: Custom Machinery

2007 - Market Entry in Medtech Industry

2009 - CPAutomation reaches 100 employees

2010 - System Integrator for Asyril

2014 - System Integrator for ViDi Systems & BS-optics